How to identify the different types of your baby’s cries?

Crying baby

Moms, relax. We know that sometimes we worry too much about our baby crying so often. And this is normal, the first thing we should know is that crying becomes their main way of communicating with us.

For this reason, it is so important to learn to differentiate the types of crying that our little one may have, we as moms must be very attentive to identify their immediate need.

But before identifying, let’s think about the reasons why a baby cries, because they can be very varied situations. The most common are for situations such as hunger, sleep, discomfort because of a dirty diaper or because they want to feel close to us.

How to identify these situations thanks to crying? Pay attention:

The hunger cry: it is regular, rhythmic, the child alternates periods of crying with inspirations, puts his hands to his mouth and obviously the crying stops when he eats.

Crying for sleep: it is a soft, rhythmic cry, it seems that the child lulls himself to sleep.

Crying due to wet or dirty diaper: it is of moderate intensity; the child expresses discomfort and discomfort in his face and disappears as soon as he feels clean and dry.

Angry crying: its intensity is increasing; the crying period is longer than that of inspiration and increases more and more.

The attention-seeking cry: it occurs when the child wants to be picked up or attended to, it is a soft whine that disappears when you pick him up.

Crying baby

But be careful, there are cases where we are faced with an episode of intense crying where nothing can calm it down, it is important to rule out that there is a disease as a cause of crying. In this situation it is best to take your baby to be evaluated urgently by a doctor, it is better to prevent any situation of alleged risk.

Likewise, remember that these are only possible ways to identify, but we as moms are the ones who recognize all the changes in our babies; we know them more than anyone else. Sometimes, if not ALWAYS, the heart trumps reason in these cases; if
we feel that something is wrong, it is because IT IS WRONG.

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