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Hair loss after chemotherapy


Hair loss after chemotherapy Chemotherapy procedures are too strong and aggressive with the organism, since their purpose is to attack; people who undergo this type of procedures, notice a great change in their skin and hair. These processes cause the immune system to weaken and the hair, nails and skin take on a special condition. […]

How to identify the different types of your baby’s cries?

Crying baby

Moms, relax. We know that sometimes we worry too much about our baby crying so often. And this is normal, the first thing we should know is that crying becomes their main way of communicating with us. For this reason, it is so important to learn to differentiate the types of crying that our little […]

Get to know our Mountain Fruit Nutrition Line

Tea jars, bee honey pot collagen jar

Get to know out Mountain Fruit Nutrition Line.. It is very complete, we have a variety of products that are designed for you; to take care and strengthen your body, without neglecting your hair. Fruto Salvaje wanted to develop a series of products inspired by the fruits of our nature, from there Frutos de la […]

Useful tips for pregnancy care

pregnant woman belly

GESTATIONAL CARE You are going through a gestation process, congratulations! this is something beautiful in all its forms. You are forming a life inside you, it is simply something INCREDIBLE that should be a source of great pride, because it is not easy, but it will all be worth it. But you must also consider […]

The fantastic power of teas

jars with tea

Antioxidants yes, please, they are very good for our body. Why? Because they are the ones that help us to protect our organism and help our cells to fight free radicals that are the main cause of some diseases such as cancer. In Fruto Salvaje we care about everyone and we have created our teas […]

What makes a Paraben Free Shampoo better?

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Parabens are chemical compounds widely used in cosmetics. They are widely used because they are cheap and a small amount is needed to fulfill their function as preservatives. Many people relate the action of parabens to cancer production, especially breast cancer. A paraben-free shampoo is ideal because it does not contain chemicals that are harmful […]