Is it dandruff? Know the difference

Woman with curly purple hair

Did you know that dandruff is a natural process? Surely you have ever noticed flakes all over your scalp, the problem lies in that we think it is always dandruff, and we do not know the real care to treat this condition. In this blog we are going to learn how to differentiate what is dandruff, what is dryness and what is seborrheic dermatitis, because they are conditions that work differently and are controlled differently. We are going to teach you what each one is and how we recommend its treatment.Woman with curly purple hair Dandruff is a process resulting from an alteration in the functioning of the scalp, it is an excessive flaking of the scalp that causes small traces of whitish dry skin to flake off; these flakes are usually scattered among the hair or on the clothes, the fact is that it is noticeable.
Dandruff is formed by excess sebum, the sebaceous glands increase their activity and form these flakes that at this stage, it is very easy to control. For this situation, our Dandelion shampoo with chili extract is the perfect shampoo to combat this problem; it activates the blood vessels in our scalp so that the benefits of the other ingredients are activated and absorbed by the dermal papilla. Dandelion shampoo has all-natural extracts, ideal for your hair care, it is perfect for eliminating dandruff. Dryness Dryness in our scalp can occur in many ways, it can be due to hair products that do not work, chemicals, external issues, stress, among other situations. We must moisturize and hydrate our scalp to avoid that dryness in the skin, we have ideal hair products for hydration: Extra Moisturizing Pump, Autumn Orange Conditioner, Winter Lemon Styling Cream, Sublime Oil and Warriors Shampoo. The difference with dandruff is that there is no sebum present, and anti-dandruff treatments are usually very astringent and dry much more on the scalp; a good dose of hydration is enough to control the dryness. Seborrheic dermatitis Seborrheic
dermatitis is a chronic disease in which there is an inflammation of the skin areas where there is a greater number of sebaceous glands, and it is important to know that it does not only occur on the scalp, it can occur on the face, arms, and other areas of the body. So we can talk about a remarkable difference, in dandruff there is no inflammation. We recommend that seborrheic dermatitis be treated by a dermatologist before treating it with hair products. Factors such as stress, fatigue, oily skin, alcohol lotions, acne or obesity can increase the risk of suffering from it. Excessive scratching generates more inflammation and cracks that can cause infections. Did you understand the difference? You can also write us on our social media to help you with any questions you may have and to recommend the best products for you. 👇🏻

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