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High quality products
Natural origin

The ingredients we use for all our products are always of the highest quality, we opt mainly for extracts of natural origin (all our products have them). In the case of our product ESTRELLA, with its MAGISTRAL formula, we make sure to always get top quality fruits, controlling their ripening process, so that they can provide all their active ingredients to our Wild Fruit Hair Treatment.

In general, our GYPSYS LABORATORY is committed to providing all our customers with products that are original, with a differentiating added value and a commitment to agriculture.

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Since Fruto Salvaje, brand was born, we decided to create our own laboratory with our philosophy of life and business policies. Among them is the protection of animals, and for this very reason even before the law of no animal testing was decreed in Colombia, our processes did not include animal testing and we have NEVER, performed this type of procedures. On the contrary, we have a farm where we raise and reproduce our own goats, which supply us with their milk for the preparation of our products and therefore we watch over their welfare.

cruelty free