Living with optimism in 5 easy steps


Don’t be scared to live with optimism, it sounds difficult but NEVER impossible, if you come from the post on Instagram you will know what we are talking about, but here we are going to start from the beginning.

We were telling you that it is normal to wake up in a bad mood on any given day, and it has happened to all of us, that we wake up bored, discouraged, angry; that’s how we are. But don’t worry, we can’t feel bad for not being 100%, it’s just not a good

For this reason, we are going to teach you FIVE strategies to live with optimism, but if you definitely can’t, don’t worry; don’t pressure yourself.

dos mujeres sin cabello y una con cabello crespo

Keep calm and just breathe
It sounds logical and pretty cliché, but as a first step it is essential. Let’s learn to take a break when we feel that our surroundings are collapsing, close our eyes and breathe without thinking about anything else; just breathe and calm the body and mind.

Be grateful for the good things you have

We have the bad habit of being negative and thinking that something is wrong, then we damage our day believing that everything is wrong, and it is not. We must open our eyes and see beyond the problem, we are blessed and we have many things to be grateful and happy for.

Surround yourself with lots of love

And love comes from everywhere; partners, family, friends, pets, places we frequent. It is a feeling that becomes very powerful in influencing our mood. It is important to avoid spaces where we are unhappy or feel unappreciated, remember that love is reflected everywhere.

Real changes in your life
It is normal that we are going through moments where we are not very satisfied with what we do, but what we can NOT do is to stay doing nothing. If we feel that we are not doing things with passion, pleasure and joy, is where we must take a different

Spend pleasant moments with you

Disconnect from the world, spend days exclusively for you, take care of your hair with Fruto Salvaje or have a spa day with our body line; Ivory Butter, Mulatto Mask and Seed Party. The point is to find that space to enjoy, rest and think.

These were our strategies to live with optimism, these are general tips, but if we wake up in a bad mood one day and do not want to know about the world, it is normal; we must learn to channel it and disguise it.

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