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Woman with flowers in her hair

At the moment we all live in fear of the consequences or side effects after suffering from COVID-19. Surely you have heard of hair loss, but the trigger for this is not the virus attacking the hair follicles, but it is a reaction to the physiological and emotional stress caused by the disease. As a […]


Capillary Micellar Water

We would like to introduce you to our most recent launch, the FRUTO SALVAJE HAIR MICELLAR WATER. Unique in Colombia! It is vegan, 98% natural. It contains a special blend of essential oils, infusions and natural extracts, which will help you prepare your hair before shampooing at the time of bathing. All these ingredients provide […]

FrutoSALVAJE Exfoliation Routine

removes impurities

FrutoSALVAJE Exfoliation Routine Our skin is the largest and most important organ of the body; for this reason it is ideal to have a special care and routine with it. Body and facial exfoliation is the most, since it ensures an effective regeneration of the skin. On the other hand, exfoliation allows the skin to […]

Get to know more about our official stores

Conoce nuestras tiendas

Get to know more about our official stores? Miel de Colibrí is the brand that represents our official stores, in them you have the opportunity to have a different experience and find all our brands. We are identified by our passion for taking care of women’s beauty in a natural and wild way, with the […]

Living with optimism in 5 easy steps


Don’t be scared to live with optimism, it sounds difficult but NEVER impossible, if you come from the post on Instagram you will know what we are talking about, but here we are going to start from the beginning. We were telling you that it is normal to wake up in a bad mood on […]

Benefits of Sublime Oil

oil flask

All the benefits of Sublime Oil We assume you know Sublime Oil, we talk about it a lot through our networks, but do you know ALL its benefits? We want to tell you all about this wonderful product. The Sublime Oil is a mixture of the best oils of nature that helps to strengthen, moisturize […]


Hand applying product to hair

To talk about the Anagen Phase of the hair we have to make a feedback of how our hair strands work. Every day we lose between 50 and 80 strands that are replaced by new ones, with an average lifespan of between 2 and 7 years. Each hair follicle produces a new hair that grows […]

How to alternate the Wild Fruit Hair Tonics?

Green, orange and white jars on a log

How to alternate the Wild Fruit Hair Tonics? We know that you already know our THREE Wild Fruit Hair Tonics, inspired by the earth, the sun and the moon. In the past we have told you about each one of them and why they are inspired by these three elements that make up the “pachamama”. […]

Skin Care for Easter

Hair products

Weekend to pamper yourself! Enjoy Easter in the best way, taking care of your skin. We want to recommend two ideal products for skin care, perfect for you to spend some time alone with you, a relaxing spa day where you will enjoy the magic of our products. Our Seed Party Exfoliating Cream is the […]