Why is it important to use conditioner regardless of hair type?


Why is it important to use conditioner regardless of hair type?

All hair strands regardless of their type suffer daily damage to their structure, these can come from the environment such as the sun, air, smog among others, they can also be caused by chemical processes, heat treatments or the use of some very abrasive products; all these make the hair lose life, softness and shine. Just like our skin, hair loses essential nutrients every day, this can be avoided with proper hydration and preserving its health on a daily basis. We all need to condition our hair, nourish it and prepare it for the day to day. In Fruto Salvaje we have a product that has spectacular active ingredients to help you have a healthier hair every day. It doesn’t matter if your hair is not damaged, you can use it as a preventive treatment as well as a repairing one. ConditionerOur Autumn Moisturizing Hair Cream Orange is our conditioner that will not only provide the hydration your hair needs, but
will also help repair the hair strand from the inside to the outside, making it stronger and more resistant. Its texture is creamy so you can spread it all over your hair, this is due to its high content of cold-pressed oils. You may be wondering what ingredients our cream contains, here I will tell you some of them, you will go crazy reading this amount of wonderful ingredients.


Surprised? Today I want to give you this tip, if you want your hair to absorb all the benefits of our cream I advise you to leave it on for at least 5 minutes. I know it can be a bit boring to be in the shower during this time, but you can take advantage of this time to massage your scalp or exfoliate your whole body with our Fiesta de Semillas body scrub. We encourage you to use our moisturizing hair cream more often, if you can do it twice a week is ideal..buy it here--> https://frutosalvaje.us/marcas/fruto-salvaje-linea-capilar/crema-hidratante-otono-naranja-acondicionador.html 

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