drawing of a jar

We have a surprise for you, before that you must know our roots.

The relationship between the indigenous people and the sun was very close, Sua (a word that also meant bird), was their main divinity. The caciques considered sons of the Sun practiced special ceremonies to send and receive messengers of the Sun. Pure men of heart, bearers of light, strength and life.

Representation of the bird, symbol of Sua.
The sun god among the Chibcha.

indigenous drawing of the sun               Symbology Nature is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for images highly charged with meaning, mysticism and symmetry. They are especially conformed by circular and triangular figures, which reveal their identity when they are joined together. The sun as a symbol of light, strength, vigor, protector and fertilizer of the earth, as well as our hair that must be fertilized, cared for and protected to have a strong and vigorous growth.Jar drawing with an indigenous sun in the center

Somos naturaleza y ahora es tiempo de reencontrarnos con ella.


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