Benefits of Wild Fruit Invigorating Hair Toner

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FrutoSALVAJE Hair Tonic

With amino acids extracted from sugar cane to strengthen and restructure the hair cuticle, helps promote the production of keratin and collagen. The cuticle is the outer part of the hair fiber. It is the cuticle that needs care and is subject to attack from the environment. While the shaft is composed of fully keratinized and devitalized cells, the root is the living part of the hair in which the germinative cells are found. This area is known as the matrix. Formula created for those who need to have a more vigorous and stronger hair, with this tonic you will be able to show off your hair softer, with movement and natural shine. Suitable for all hair types.

Helps restructure the hair cuticle
Provides vitamins and minerals
With great antioxidant power


3 units of FrutoSALVAJE Invigorating Hair Tonic, each one for 20 ml.

Box with yellow vials Main Active Ingredient: Prodew 500 (Highest concentration): This component is a symbol of hair protection. It has a mixture of amino acids that deeply strengthen and protect the color of colored hair and/or hair with chemical procedures. Its components provide intense hydration and invigorates its internal structure capable of repairing damaged hair. Amino acids: They are natural compounds of the organism that help the formation of proteins; extracted from sugar cane to strengthen and restructure the capillary cuticle in the hair, they promote the natural production of keratin and collagen, on them depends the capillary nutrition, therefore it is very important to have a significant contribution in the daily routine. Additionally, they help hair to be stronger throughout its structure from root to tip, hydrating the hair cuticle which plays an important role in moisture retention; dull and dry hair is a sign of severe cuticle damage due to lack of amino acids.

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