Chili Extract for hair

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This component is one of the best ingredients we have in FrutoSALVAJE, thanks to the fact that it provides great benefits to the hair and scalp. Did you know that our Dandelion shampoo contains chili extract? Yes, it is its active ingredient that makes your hair strands longer, more beautiful and resistant every day. It activates the blood vessels in our scalp so that the benefits of the other ingredients are activated and absorbed by the dermal papilla.

Find out below all the benefits that this wonderful ingredient offers to your hair! Among the most important are:

Stimulate growth
Activate blood circulation in the scalp, activating the follicle.
Strengthens and invigorates the structure of the strand from the inside to the outside.
Stimulates the production of natural collagen.
Contains antifungal power.
Eliminates and controls dandruff.
Controls seborrheic dandruff and sebum production in the scalp.
Tones the scalp skin.
It has great antioxidant power that helps eliminate free radicals.
Contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

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Shampoo against dandruff based on chili extract

Dandelion is an ideal shampoo for all hair types, yes, for everyone! It is not only used to control dandruff, it has many benefits for the hair, do not be pigeonholed by its anti-dandruff reference, see for yourself its great power. Ah! And that’s not all, it can be alternated with all our shampoo references to complement the care. And you already tried it? What are you waiting for? Enter our online store now and buy yours by clicking here.


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