Let’s talk about sorority

Women in white raising signs

Sorority is a word that is very new to our language, but lately it is a term used a lot in conversations about femininity, as it is a complement to what it is to be a woman in society.
Woman holding a sign that says sororityIt speaks of solidarity, twinning, alliance and complicity among us women. It is an expression that inspires feminism, it is key to create networks of women who walk together towards equality and equity. But where does this term come from? The term sorority comes from the English word “sisterhood”, used in the 1970s by Kate Millt, a reference of feminism in the twentieth century. Years later, the Mexican academy appropriated the expression under the translation we know today. It is not until 2018 that the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) incorporated this term under the definition of “group that is formed by friendship and reciprocity between women who share the same ideal and work to achieve the same goal”. giving it the place it deserves in our language.
Women in white raising signsThe concept of sorority is linked to the union among us, without competition, without judgment, without negativity, it is the opposite: it is love, help, support and protection among us. Let’s apply sorority in our lives, let’s support each other and grow hand in hand, this is everyone’s fight. Information taken from: https://www.efeminista.com/sororidad-mujeres/ https://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias-43339307

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