Skin Care for Easter

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Weekend to pamper yourself! Enjoy Easter in the best way, taking care of your skin. We want to recommend two ideal products for skin care, perfect for you to spend some time alone with you, a relaxing spa day where you will enjoy the magic of our products. Our Seed Party Exfoliating Cream is the first recommended product, it contains multiple properties that will help moisturize and soften your skin, eliminating those dead cells and impurities that accumulate over time in our body, showing after its application a more radiant, healthy and smooth skin tone.

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Its active ingredients act together to achieve its final objective, these are:

Almond oil
Apricot kernels
Passion fruit seeds
Vitamin E
Jojoba oil

And to complement your ritual, we are going to recommend our Mulata Mask, an antioxidant therapy for your skin, where its formulation is based on two incredible active ingredients for you; goat’s milk and cocoa.

comprarCurly-haired woman smiling

But what benefits do you think it has? We’ll tell you:

Eliminates dead cells
Provides hydration and moisturizing
Protects against external damage
Reaffirms and regenerates the skin
Tones and helps prevent cellulite
Nourishes the epidermis and slows down the aging process

As the goat milk in the Mulata Mask is so moisturizing, we recommend you to remove the residues after 10 minutes, since its application the changes are very noticeable and your skin will thank you for it. This week is your chance to have a space for you, because we know you need it, pamper yourself and rest, you deserve it, tell us with which Fruto Salvaje products you spent your Holy Week! We are waiting for you on our Instagram


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