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What sets us apart from other brands?

Every week we receive messages from people with a hair damaged by the multiple conventional treatments. At Fruto Salvaje we make an internal restructuring of the strand, repairing the damage caused by chemicals.

Our products are elaborated with Natural Extracts that do not work under the immediacy and do not assure you a beautiful hair at the first day, what we want is to REPAIR and REBUILD your hair fiber from the inside, intervening each part and layer of the hair, this to stimulate the birth of new hair and in this way to have HEALTHY, STRONG AND VIGOROUS hair strands.

But you have to know that this process is not fast, we will repair your hair in the medium term, that’s where the natural extracts come into play and we will explain how.

The natural extracts in our products act as repairing agents throughout your hair fiber, from the inside out, unlike chemical products. These types of products leave you with a beautiful look when they are applied, but what happens? These products do not repair, on the contrary, they weaken the hair fiber to the point of having a significant damage to your scalp, which is why dandruff, dryness, hairpins, greasy hair, etc. are produced.

That’s where we come in, to take care of that hair damaged by the continuous use of these products, natural extracts play a fundamental role in the repair of our hair strands. Since our products penetrate the hair fiber making it begin to repair little by little from where the strand is gestated to the tip, generating a slow but effective and safe process for your hair, this process in some people may have more noticeable results than in others depending on their organism.

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You must also be clear about something, there are many other reasons why your hair loses strength, falls out and suffers significant damage, we are aware of that and we work to combat all of them, we give you an example of some of them:

Use of hair dryers, straighteners or curling irons; direct heat is not a good complement to our care.
Direct light, salt and chlorinated water.
Humidity: a humid environment opens the pores and cuticles, leaving them exposed to harmful environmental influences.
Health problems or an inadequate diet that affects the body.
Chemicals: dyes, bleaching, straightening or continuous use of chemical products.

Did you understand our raison d’être? We want to help you recover your hair, that you are happy with our results and that you can show off a beautiful, healthy and vigorous hair; rebuild your hair fiber from the inside out.

Remember that you can write us by direct messages to our Instagram accounts to guide you in the best way, tell us your needs to advise you with the best products for you.

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