Requirements and regulations for distribution channels and end customers of Grupo Gypsys LLC


Respect the purchasing policies defined for each of the distribution channels, without mixing them.

Our sales representatives, call centers and website Other distributors are third parties that offer our products as part of their commercial activities.

Avoid the use of our brands as official names for businesses legally constituted or start-ups, since they are registered trademarks of our company Gypsys Group LLC. We do not work under the system of franchising.

Make the most of the tools that the company provides for promotion, brand positioning, and location of third-party distribution channels.

How do we achieve our objectives?

Each distribution channel must know its purchasing and operating policies, which are spread as follows:

  1. Authorized points of sale and distributors: Representatives in charge must provide the information and duly inform customers of the changes made to the conditions. All distribution channels have the right to know the documents and strategies necessary to carry out their work, since they have a business relationship with Gypsys Group LLC.

Display of our brands

All the products of our brands can be displayed in showcases, regardless of the type of establishment in which they are offered, except for the Fruto Salvaje hair treatment, which must remain refrigerated.

It is forbidden to use our brands to name commercial establishments, as they are registered trademarks and can be used by Gypsys Group LLC exclusively.

Only Gypsys Group LLC. is authorized to show our brands on television, radio, or newspapers distributed nationwide.

The use of flyers, business cards (natural persons), and other promotional products with our brands is allowed, as long as their colors are respected and preserved. POP material provided by the company can also be used.


Our authorized points of sale and distributors, either businesses or natural persons, can create their own profiles on social networks and include the names of our brands to offer our products, as long as they do not mention other brands or products from the competition. In addition, they can use our posts as a reference, specifying the source of the material. They can also design their own contents to keep and attract new customers.

Third parties are not authorized to create profiles on social networks referring to themselves as companies of Gypsys Group LLC. Our official profiles on social networks are:





Our company

Gypsys Group LLC has an ideology clearly expressed in its mission:

We are a company dedicated to developing and producing personal care, beauty, and health products. We have social and environmental responsibility and implement leading technology to offer our customers healthy and natural alternatives for personal and health care.

It is important for Gypsys Group LLC. that the people who offer our products understand this ideology that has identified us as a leading and one-of-a-kind company that cares about good service, accurate information, and constant updating.

Conditions to make a guarantee effective

We are a responsible company and we are aware that the use of fruits and natural extracts, which do not always react in the same way, may generate condensations or different smells and lead to the replacement of products. If you find a product that matches the above description, please take into account the following recommendations to request the replacement of the product:

  1. Authorized points of sale and distributors: The time to report inconsistencies must not exceed one month after the delivery of the product.
  2. For replacing Fruto Salvaje hair treatment, it is important to comply with the storage requirements described in the label, so that the normal conditions of the product are not altered. Keep it refrigerated at 5°C, maximum.
  3. Authorized points of sale and distributors: In case you find a product open, spilling, or in strange conditions at the time of receiving your order, please inform your sales representative inmediately, so that the problem is included in the report and the product is replaced.
  4. When a product has to be replaced due to any of the conditions mentioned above, the company covers the total transport costs. In the case of cities or towns where the company does not have offices, the products must be sent through a carrier to be paid on delivery.
  5. When the product to be replaced has been acquired through or our call center, the customer must report the problem at the moment of receiving the order, so the change is scheduled and processed within a maximum of two days. Our sales representative establishes whether it is necessary to return the damaged product to the company for its analysis. In case it is required, conditions in numeral 4 apply.
  6. Products acquired through or our call center cannot be replaced eight days after their delivery.
  7. Products can only be replaced by the same reference.


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