Grupo Gypsys S. A. S. is a medium-sized enterprise created on September 3, 2012, with the purpose of distributing products for personal care and health.

At the beginning of 2013, Grupo Gypsys’ shareholders saw in dried fruits a new business opportunity, which led them to launch the Colfrutivas brand.

Meanwhile, Marcela Aristizábal, the company’s image, was starting to conquer the market with her hair treatment, which came to life thanks to a study conducted after an incident that caused her the loss of her hair.

With an initial budget of 120,000 Colombian pesos and thanks to the effectivity of the product, the name of Marcela Aristizábal became viral not only because of her life style but also for her hair treatment. That’s when Marcela decided to partner with her husband Jonnathan Calle to turn this product into the Fruto Salvaje brand.

After providing Fruto Salvaje with an image and identity, Grupo Gypsys, led by Marcela and Jonnathan, started a study to develop products with natural extracts in its own laboratory (Laboratorio Grupo Gypsys). The result was other products that came to complement the Fruto Salvaje hair line and new personal care lines: Alma Salvaje (body line), Ecosalvaje (more natural products), and Frutos de la Montaña (powdered food).

Subsequently, the Miel de Colibrí stores were created to sell the products developed by the business group. Currently, Grupo Gypsys is recognized in the market and Fruto Salvaje is the leading brand in natural products that offer women new alternatives to take care and preserve their hair strands.

Grupo Gypsys is a socially responsible company that provides job opportunities mainly to people older than 40 and to head-of-household mothers.