Who is Marcela Aritizábal?

I don’t describe myself; I rather let my actions speak for me. I was born in the heart of the Colombian coffee region, in a town called Caicedonia located in the northern area of the department of Valle del Cauca. I’m an empirical, self-taught, and passionate woman, empowered with strength (#empoderadadeberraquera) and femininity. I’m a wife and mother of four children. I started a business with my husband whom I call my weaver of dreams. I have a twin sister and we are the youngest of four daughters born to my mother, a woman who has worked hard in life.

Fruto Salvaje is a life story, since wanting to face new challenges combined with the service I provide with my products has led me to heal myself. I work with a wonderful team, which has complemented my ideas, and my husband, Jonnathan, whom I respect and admire because he weaves every project I come up with in the middle of my mental chaos.

Together we gave life to a project called Fruto Salvaje that today restores the strength and vitality of many women’s hair naturally. Thanks to the recognition this product exhibits today, many women have discovered their lineage and filled themselves with physical and emotional motivation, following tips for personal care and healthy recipes that lead them again to love cooking and to become aware of their bodies, and understanding that every human being is unique and wonderful.

In Grupo Gypsys, we have woven a space both inside our company and in social media to remember our ancestors in a loving way, to encourage men and women to complement each other without rivalries, and to create harmony between the feminine and the masculine that would change society and would bring the world hope to reinvent itself, transform itself, and be reborn.

We women are attacked every day because of body imperfections that actually don’t exist. Today, I want to tell you that you are perfect.

How did the idea of Fruto Salvaje come to life?

I’ve always believed in who I am and in what I can do. However, I never imagined that Fruto Salvaje would change my life in the way it has. It’s all a life story that could have happened to any woman. Although difficulties are hard to process for some, they can be empowering for others. They make us bring out the strength of thriving women who see in them opportunities to improve and the silver lining of every experience, because we can learn much from every moment of our lives.

In 2010, after being the victim of someone who put a hat with glue on my head, I left my hometown looking for opportunities, with my soul broken—what it hurt me the most was to know that many women were glad of what had happened to me. So I came to live in Medellín. In this city, with my eagerness to recover my strands and making the most of the new opportunity life was giving me to start from scratch, I started to study the chemical composition of fruits. After testing on my family, my college classmates, and my son, I was able to improve something that would come to life by trial and error and that would revolutionize the national market in terms of natural hair products.

Then, when a cervical cancer was appearing in my body, I decided to get closer to what our ancestors left us. As a result, I was able not only to improve an excellent formula inherited from our grandmothers, but also to put into practice a philosophy of life that would heal me as a woman and would give me the chance to start again, with a family—because sometimes you have to heal inside before having a family.

I was able then to partner with my life companion, who is responsible for giving shape and life to this beautiful project that many people know today and from which they benefit.

After the product became a boom at my university and in Medellín, many well-known people of the Colombian show business, such as Lorena Meritano (who lost her hair to chemotherapies), Lina Tejeiro, Valentina Lizcano, Carolina Cruz, Martina La Peligrosa, Daniela Ospina, Yuri Vargas, and Vanessa Pelaez, started to show interest in my product.

Today, our mission as a business group is to share this knowledge, putting our heart and soul to create more products, studying to make them increasingly natural, and expecting that they are useful for personal and internal care and that they help us show in the outside what we inherently have inside. That’s why our slogan reads: Let your food and personal care be poetry for your spirit.