Guerreros with Hair treatment

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Stimulate hair growth; strength hair follicles and the dermal papilla; nourish the core of each hair strand making it strong, shiny, and silky.

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Shampoo sulfates free, salt free, parabens free, and Betaine free.

Its natural extracts help hair to be constantly growing, perfectly hydrated, soft, silky, shiny, strong and beautiful; It has coconut oil and avocado that provide repair, nourishment, growth stimulation, deep hydration and moisturization to the hair strands and the scalp.

Fruit-based treatment with aloe vera, shea, and keratin.

It stimulates hair growth, strengthens the hair follicle and the dermal papilla, and nourishes the core of each hair strand, making it strong, shiny, and silky from the root to the end. It penetrates the micro- and macro-fibrils of the hair strands to restructure them.

Since it is a 100% natural fruit-based treatment, color and odor may vary without affecting the final result in your hair.

It needs to be refrigerated at 41 °F (5 °C).

More Information
Ingredients N/A
Kind of skin N/A
Kind of hair Dry, Normal, Mix, Dark, Blonde
Purpose of use Hydration, Brightness, Nutrition, Fallen prevention, Color care
  • Returns the shine
  • Provides natural softness
  • Provides strength
  • Gives resistance
  • Gives elasticity
  • Regenerates all the hair fiber
  • Revitalizes hair cells
  • Leaves hair strands more silky and manageable.
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Eliminates impurities from the scalp.
  • Maintains PH levels.
  • Increases volume and thickness.
  • Avoid hair aging.
  • Repairs split ends.
  • Movement and natural body return.
  • Decrease the fall.
  • Fight free radicals.
Use mode

Comb out your hair and divide it into equal sections.

Apply Fruto Salvaje Tratamiento Capilar with aloe vera on your dry or wet strands (washed or unwashed) from the roots to the ends, as needed. For dry scalp, massage it in circular motions; for oily, combination, or normal scalp, avoid massaging.

Leave it on from 20 to 35 minutes and then rinse your hair with cold water preferably. Wash with a Fruto Salvaje hair line shampoo according to your hair type. Apply Fruto Salvaje Otoño Naranja moisturizing cream from the middle of the strands to the ends, then wash and rinse again. In case you feel your hair dry, apply Fruto Salvaje Bomba Extrahumectante or Fruto Salvaje Bomba Rizos Silvestres, leave it on for 5 minutes, and then rinse with abundant water.

 Use this treatment two or three times a week.

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