Love: being at the core of our organization, it is fundamental for the development of activities in our company. For us, love is the greatest feeling towards the neighbor. It encourages us to have a connection with others, complements us, makes us happy, and helps us get along, communicate, and come up with innovative ideas.

Honesty: ability to act in good faith and show coherence.

Responsibility: fulfillment of acquired commitments to both our team and our customers, offering solutions to problems that could arise.

Persistence: conviction to commit not only to our company but also to our customers in a proper way (researching, asking, trying, and achieving).

Loyalty: virtue developed unconsciously and that implies taking a responsibility regardless of the changing or adverse circumstances. It is a commitment to our neighbor.

Order: heading toward the attainment of goals in a well-defined and structured way.

Respect: recognition of human dignity through fair and equitable work, accepting others as they are, tolerating their differences, accepting rules, and using dialog as a mechanism to improve relationships based on trust.

Ethics: duties inherent to human beings that lead them to act fairly or appropriately in any relationship with the environment.

Equity: impartiality to recognize everyone’s right to be treated equally.