Live treatment

Thanks to its master formula based on 100% natural fruits, FRUTO SALVAJE hair treatments are ideal for hair recovery (hair strands), care and well-being. Its components stimulate the blood irrigation of the hair follicle, penetrating the macro and micro fibrils, where they will make the hair strand grow healthy and strong from root to tip, while preventing hair loss. We have two presentations of hair treatments that can be alternated to have more optimal results and prevent the body from getting used to a single product. The FRUTO SALVAJE hair treatment with Coconut Oil, fruits, goat milk and honey prepares the follicle to receive all the essential nutrients, stimulates growth, prevents hair loss and nourishes the heart of the hair strand, ideal for all hair types; The FRUTO SALVAJE hair treatment with Aloe Vera, keratin and shea butter acts directly on the scalp and hair strand providing moisturizing andmoisturizing benefits, which generate a feeling of softness and movement, it also helps stimulate hair growth and strengthening. By using these two products you will achieve healthy and naturally beautiful hair (hair strands) every day.

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