Meaning of the moon for the Mayas

Moon phases

Meaning of the moon for the Maya The moon in many cultures is a divine representation, an intangible deity that can be felt, being a direct influence on the growth of the earth, the seas and oneself, it influences life itself. In the Mayan culture, the moon is the representation of a deity called Ixchel, the great mother goddess, where it is related to growth, medicine, childbirth and the work of the gender at that time as weaving.
MoonFor the Mayas the moon is very important, because they are guided mainly by the lunar phases, from them many phenomena are derived both in nature and human beings, as with our hair growth. The moon is linked to the mother goddesses because of the beautiful energy it emanates, it propitiates the fertility of the earth, animals and men; it regulates the cycle of life, that is why the goddess Ixchel is one of the most outstanding in the Mayan culture. Remember that the lunar phases are used differently in each culture, but in essence all are aimed in the same way; to take advantage of its benefits according to each phase, in our case is to take advantage of all the benefits it brings to our hair. Every month we remind you of the moon phases on our Instagram @frutosalvajeoficial, or you can find all the information in our moon phases section at Source:

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