We show you how to dye your hair and maintain the color

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There are many myths about hair dyed with fantasy colors, which usually discourage you and do not make you want to try this kind of dyes, because the social imaginary is that it damages the hair and the capillary cuticle permanently, but from FrutoSALVAJE we are going to tell you something; Yes it is possible to keep your dyed strands HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL and FROWN! here we are going to explain you how.

To the hair color mixture we are going to add between 5 and 8 drops of Sublime FrutoSALVAJE Oil before its application, this will help to protect your hair from the damages that this procedure can generate, keeping all your hair hydrated.
We recommend that you wash your hair with Guerreras Sulfate-Free Shampoo, which will help you maintain your color for longer; it will give us pH balance and enhance results with gentle but deep hydration.
At the end of the dye application, and with your hair well washed with plenty of cold water, you will apply the special Extra Moisturizing Pump to generate moisture in the hair and create a layer that waterproofs the hair strand, hydrating it completely.

Hair products

Don’t forget that the important thing is the way you take care of your hair and nourish it with products suitable for this purpose, feed your hair and don’t dye it so often: from 2 to 4 months. You should also prune your strands regularly so that they are oxygenated and grow like plants in a garden: HEALTHY AND FROSTY. Specialized hair color care products such as Sublime Oil, Warriors Shampoo and Extra Moisturizing Pump can be found in all our stores nationwide, or you can order them by clicking on the link below.

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  1. Claudia Forero says:

    los Felicito, por este blok y la informacion que dan para el uso de los productos, me gustan usarlos, pero han salido nuevos productos y a veces estan complejo saber para que sirven cada uno de ellos, como los sigo en instagram ahi he aprendido un poco sobre su uso

    • Petunia Salvaje says:

      Hola Claudia, recuerda que en nuestro sitio web y en nuestras redes sociales, puedes recibir una asesoría personalizada para aprender a usar todos nuestros productos y cuales son los más idóneos para tu tipo de cabello y necesidad.

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