Take care of your hair during vacations

Purple and a pink jar


Going on vacation? What a treat, you deserve those moments of rest out of your routine, getaways that are beneficial for your physical and mental health, sometimes we ignore that and we don’t take the time to rest.

If you made the decision to go on vacation, take with you Fruto Salvaje, here we are going to recommend you the PERFECT kit to take care and protect your hair on vacation against any situation that can mistreat it; such as UV rays, water salinity, chlorine, temperature changes or residues from the air itself.para cuidar y proteger tu cabello en vacaciones frente a cualquier situación que lo pueda maltratar; como los rayos UV, la salinidad del agua, el cloro, cambios de temperatura o residuos del mismo aire.

These wonderful products are:

Our best ally when going to the beach, it creates a perfect protective layer to prevent UV rays from damaging your hair, in addition to this it waterproofs the hair fiber and prevents salinity in the water and other elements from entering it and affecting the
health of the hair; it also strengthens, hydrates and moisturizes your entire mane.

It is a bomb of probiotics (live microorganisms) that proliferate through fermentation, stimulating growth and strengthening hair strands; it helps clean follicles clogged by environmental dirt and restructures the entire hair fiber promoting its recovery.

Autumn Orange moisturizing cream is very versatile, it repairs the most damaged areas of the hair strand generating a deep repair and conditioning all the hair to look softer and radiant after the beach. Give life to your hair!

Sublime Oil is an incredible blend of the best oils extracted from nature, it has very versatile uses, it serves to strengthen hair, to seal the ends after pruning, to prevent frizz and moisturize the scalp.

Purple and a pink jar

These products will make your vacation even better, you will take care of your hair and you will look beautiful at the beach, pool, sea, mountain, wherever; you will have an incredible mane at all times.

Remember that you can write us on our social media to give you advice with the recommended products, we will be aware of what you need, we want you to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your hair.


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