Siete beneficios del aloe vera para el cabello


Benefits of aloe vera for hair

Aloe vera is a plant with a high medicinal potential. It contains more than 75 active compounds that greatly benefit your health in general, as well as your skin and hair. It’s similar to a cactus because it grows in dry and hot climates, hence the accumulation of water inside. This wonderful plant has been used for millennia; according to old writings, ancient Egyptians used it as an ingredient for remedies.


In recent years, aloe vera has become an important ingredient in hair products thanks to all its properties, but what are they? Here we tell you:

  • It provides hydration and deep moisturizing with its high-water content, as it retains moisture in the scalp, which reduces frizz.
  • It eliminates dead cells, bacteria, excess oil, or impurities that accumulate on the scalp and affect hair growth.
  • With its enzymes and antioxidants, it contributes to hair growth.
  • It neutralizes the pH of the scalp.
  • It balances hair sebum production.
  • It contributes to the elimination of dandruff-causing fungus.
  • It restores the hair fiber.

All these great properties together make your hair grow stronger, shinier, and healthier and, of course, help reduce hair loss.

At FRUTO SALVAJE, you’ll always find the best of nature, and aloe vera could not be the exception. Find this wonderful extract in our products:

  • Fruit-based treatment (purple cap). It strengthens the inside and the outside of your hair fiber.
  • Shampoos. Adelfa del Alba, Camellia Silvestre, Ámber de Primavera, Amazonía, Azucena, and Guerreras: all of them will gently and deeply cleanse your hair and promote its growth.
  • Stretch mark balm. It moisturizes, regenerates your skin, and fades the color of stretch marks.