What makes a Paraben Free Shampoo better?

BANNER BLOG paraben free

Parabens are chemical compounds widely used in cosmetics. They are widely used because they are cheap and a small amount is needed to fulfill their function as preservatives. Many people relate the action of parabens to cancer production, especially breast cancer. A paraben-free shampoo is ideal because it does not contain chemicals that are harmful to the body and also offers benefits that help people receive the components of the product more easily.
BANNER BLOG paraben freeFruto Salvaje was one of the first hair brands in Colombia to enter the market with the paraben free philosophy in the hair line. For this reason, each one of our shampoos have great benefits for the hair in general and the capillary strand, although the scalp cannot be left aside. Fruto Salvaje hair line shampoos are less aggressive with the environment, with people’s organism and have natural extracts of the best quality. This way we guarantee that the scalp will not lose its natural oiliness and hydration. So, Warriors, don’t be afraid to use a product that will bring great benefits to your body and hair strands, but you are protecting yourself from future health damage. Remember to cut your mane in the Moon Phases.

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