Oak hair kit

Do you want to have oak hair

Oak hair kit

For all women it is ideal to have shiny, silky and glossy hair; we usually seek to stimulate its growth, give life and shine to our strands. Our hair speaks of our personality, our tastes and mood. Our hair identifies us.

For this reason, this time we want to talk about that oak hair, those healthy and well maintained, but also how to get it and how to get it back if you want to strengthen and structure from root to tip.

Caring for and maintaining strong and healthy hair begins with nutrition, which not only takes care of our hair strands but also our skin and general health, the integral care of our body. A good daily hydration and balanced diet is a fundamental part for the prevention of some diseases.

Our first recommendation is to complement your alienation with biotin, zinc, aloe vera and magnetic.

Frutos de la Montaña is our food powder with collagen that provides that extra help thanks to its natural components, helps stimulate hair growth and strengthen the immune system.

We also advise you and remind you of the importance of pruning your mane with our Moon Phases, you can cut to grow, revitalize and strengthen. This is our second recommendation.

ComprarDo you want to have oak hair

On the other hand, and as a third recommendation, we have created a KIT to strengthen the hair strands from the inside, stimulating hair growth, providing shine, vitality and silkiness to all hair strands. Ideal for all hair types.

This KIT seeks to give life, health and resistance to all hair, to achieve an OAK HAIR with the combination of these wonderful products:

  • 100% fruit-based Hair Treatment which, thanks to its components stimulates growth, strengthens and restructures the strands.
  • The Invigorating Tonic improves the appearance of your OAK MELENA.
  • Guerreras is an ideal shampoo for all hair types. Free of salts and sulfates, it helps reduce hair loss, provides softness and shine, fights frizz and moisturizes.
  • Extra moisturizing pump protects the hair from UV rays, salinity in the water and other elements that can affect the hair.

Remember that in FrutoSALVAJE we have the ideal products for you, to complement your hair care.

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