How to alternate the Wild Fruit Hair Tonics?

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How to alternate the Wild Fruit Hair Tonics?

We know that you already know our THREE Wild Fruit Hair Tonics, inspired by the earth, the sun and the moon. In the past we have told you about each one of them and why they are inspired by these three elements that make up the “pachamama”.

We will also remind you that our hair tonics are designed to meet specific needs:

Our Anti-Hair Loss Hair Tonic connects with the EARTH by binding and giving sustenance to each hair strand to strengthen it.
The Invigorating Hair Tonic uses the power of the SUN to nourish your hair, giving it strength and life with the sun’s rays.
Our Growth Hair Tonic has all the influence of the MOON and its phases to stimulate the growth of our hair.

It is a reality that our hair tonics are connected, but do you know how to alternate them? This information will be very useful for you.

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It is normal that we want to maximize results using tonics, and YES you can, they are created to be used as complements to other hair products if we wish, because each one “attacks” a specific need.

But that does not mean that you can use them all at the same time, we would not be taking advantage of the properties that each one can provide. We recommend that you alternate them for several days, here is an example:

You can start by applying the Anti-Hair Loss Hair Tonic on the roots, and after 5 days apply the Invigorating Hair Tonic on the hair, or you can alternate it with the Growth Hair Tonic; even with all THREE if you wish.

The important thing here is to let the Tonic you use at the moment act, take a 5-day break so that our hair fiber absorbs all the properties and nutrients, then you can continue applying the others; the ideal is that each tonic works in its functions.

Similarly, you can ask for personalized advice with our sales advisors or in our direct messages on Instagram, remember that the Hair Tonics are available in all our distribution and sales channels.

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