How do I strengthen my hair and prevent it from falling out?

Woman smiling and playing with her hair

Many of us are afraid losing our hair strands, and it is completely normal, they are part of us and we always want to look beautiful. We are flooded with fear and anguish when we start to suddenly lose our hair, this should not happen to us because we
are the ones who control our beautiful body. I have always been a standard bearer of feminine strength and our empowerment as women capable of achieving what we set out to do, not because I am the creator of Fruto SALVAJE, but because I believe
and I am aware of what we can achieve. Do not worry if you are currently having hair loss problems, rremember there are many factors that generate it, that is why you must first identify what may be causing it and that yes, help yourself with products
that are suitable for you and the environment. In Fruto Salvaje we have our special internal and external qrecovery kit that will make your hair strands grow from the inside of your body in company of an external stimulation.

Ver kitJar with food powder and a jar with hair products

How is this done? Our fruit-based hair treatment penetrates the hair fiber in its macro and micro fibrils thanks to the power of the microorganisms generated by its fermentation that will go through the whole fiber restructuring it and making it stronger. The Frutos de la Montaña powdered food contains collagen, biotin, aloe vera, magnesium and fruits, which, from inside your body, will stimulate the hair bulb to continue generating hair strands. Discipline and consistency in the use of the products is the best formula to achieve the beautiful and lush hair you desire.

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