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The month is coming to an end and you still don’t know what to get mom? We give you an option that we know she will love, we know because we are fascinated by it. We want to show you some products to prevent hair loss and restructure the hair fiber, ideal for those moms who care about their hair. These products not only take care, they also repair and protect; this way you will have beautiful hair for a long time.
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Surely you know the products, but we are going to remind you what they are for and show you this wonderful kit:

Wild Fruit Hair Treatment with Coconut Oil

Our Wild Fruit Hair Treatment based on Natural Fruits is a bomb of probiotics (live microorganisms) that proliferate through fermentation, stimulating growth and strengthening the hair strands.

Anti-Hair Loss Hair Tonic

Our Anti-Hair Loss Hair Tonic with Ganoderma Lucidum and polyherbal extracts delays hair loss, “binding” the hair strands as the earth does with its plants; it also strengthens our hair and nourishes the scalp.

Growth Tonic

Our Hair Growth Tonic with Purple Onion extract activates the dermal papilla, stimulating the growth of hair strands. Purple onion as the main active ingredient helps the awakening of dormant follicles and subsequently, the birth of new hair.

Sublime Oil

The Sublime Oil is an incredible mixture of the best oils extracted from nature, but totally water-soluble, that is, it is a substance that dissolves with other products without losing its properties. It has very versatile uses, it is used to strengthen the hair, to seal the ends and strands after pruning. These hair products have specific functions, which complement each other very well to stimulate optimal hair growth, and work throughout your hair structure to have healthy, strong and vigorous hair. Don’t think twice and give mom these incredible products, or if you are a mom yourself, treat yourself; you won’t regret it. Link to know our hair products:

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