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Fantasía Natural conditioner

Your children can experience the creamy sensation of yogurt on their hair! Perfect hydration for delicate strands.

Vegan product:Free of salt, sulfates, parabens, cocamide, betaine, and petroleum-based products.

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It smoothens, detangles, favors styling, and avoids pulling. Its formula rich in natural vitamins hydrates, strengthens, and prepares hair for combing. It protects children’s scalp and maintains it in good conditions while keeping natural oils. It contains licorice, strawberry, and avocado extracts, as well as babassu oil and murumuru oil, which protects hair from sun damages. All these ingredients deeply hydrate both hair and scalp, strengthen the dermal papilla, and make hair strands smoother and more elastic.

Active ingredients

  • licorice extract
  • strawberry extract
  • avocado extract
  • babassu oil
  • murumuru oil

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