Benefits of the Wild Fruit Growth Hair Tonic

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Welcome to our Luna Growth Hair Tonic, a product full of benefits for you, focused on hair growth. To make a good introduction of the tonic, we want you to learn all about it, and at the end you can give your own conclusions. The WILD Fruit Moon Growth Hair Tonic activates the dermal papilla stimulating the growth of the hair strands, awakens the dormant follicles generating the birth of new hair. Thanks to its perfect combination of natural extracts, it strengthens the hair root, making it more resistant and fertile in growth; it provides shine, softness and also eliminates dandruff.
White bottle between leavesIts active ingredient is the purple onion, which contains two essential components to stimulate hair growth and provide you with all its benefits: Quercetin: It is known for its antioxidant properties that directly help our hair and boost it for growth, this active ingredient also helps control dandruff and hair fungus, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic benefits. Sulfur: It turns out that sulfur is an ideal mineral to take care of our hair. Its function is to sweep and eliminate the cells that are deposited on the surface of the scalp, it also eliminates bacteria, fungi and toxins. It cleanses your hair and stimulates growth thanks to a better flow of blood circulation, improves its appearance, provides shine and gives vitality.
Purple Onion  The tonic comes in a package x 3 units, 20 ml each, where its application varies according to the judgment of each person, as each product works differently according to the person.
Tónico capilar de crecimientoIt is also ideal for use with other hair products such as a shampoo or treatment, it is very versatile thanks to its phytocosmetic properties and natural extracts. Remember that our new product is available in all our distribution channels in the country. If you already have it, tell us through our Instagram direct messages your experience, we want to hear from you. Click here to purchase our product from the website:

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