Our collagen is powdered food low in calories and sodium, which contributes to the normal function of energy metabolism. It stimulates hair growth, acts as a cell regenerator, fights free radicals, and is beneficial for the intestinal flora.

Our collagen strengthens:

  • The immune system.
  • Bones
  • Hair strands.
  • Nail cuticles.

It also stimulates the formation of keratin, which helps retain moisture in the hair, making it softer and silky.

1 scoop contains 5.6 g of protein.

Now maltodextrin free.

It contains polydextrose (it is not a sugar) that serves as a stabilizer and homogenizer of the ingredients, making them more soluble in a liquid element.

Collagen has excellent properties for the recovery and binding of connective tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, bones, cartilage, hematological and adipose tissue, and organs). Our collagen is hydrolyzed and is from bovine origin.

colageno 2

How should you take it?

One scoop of Colágeno Frutos de la Montaña is the recommended portion to dissolve and drink in a glass of water or the liquid of your choice (avoid mixing with coffee).

Mix 8 g of product (1 scoop) in 240 ml (1 glass) of cold or warm water. You can add it to your favorite drink and stir until dissolved. Drink immediately. You can also mix and drink it with milk-based shakes or vegetable drinks.

Complement the intake of collagen by using our Fruto Salvaje hair line, fruit-based hair treatments, tonics, and shampoos. All of them contribute to improve the health of your hair strands.

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