Amber de Primavera

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For Normal Hair - shampoo

Fruto Salvaje Amber de Primavera cleanses your hair without damaging it, restores its natural shine and softness, and provides strength, resistance, and elasticity
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It will ensure that the hair remains strong and elastic, preventing the ends from splitting, something common in long hair, in addition we will maintain hair with more softness, shine and protected from aggressions and contamination.

More Information
Ingredients Aloe extract, Calendula Extract, Rosemary Extract, Natural extracts
Kind of skin N/A
Kind of hair Normal
Purpose of use Hydration, Brightness, Nutrition
  • It penetrates dry hair due to the low molecular weight of the amino acids contained in proteins.
  • It moisturizes, softens, and strengths the scalp, favoring the regeneration of hair cells.
  • It creates a protective layer that helps preserving moisture and restoring glossing properties.
  • It reconstructs damaged hair.
  • It provides natural body and movement, giving shape to straight and curly hair.
  • It regenerates, nourishes, and has an astringent effect on the roots.
  • It fights free radicals.
  • It does not contain sulfates, lead, or oil derivatives.
Use mode

Apply Fruto Salvaje Amber de Primavera shampoo on wet hair. Give a gentle massage to clean the scalp and then rinse. Repeat and rinse with abundant water. For better results, apply the Fruto Salvaje Otoño Naranja moisturizing cream after rinsing the shampoo.

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